AMREP’s Social Responsibility Actions

  • AMREP Supplier Management Services has an heightened understanding of how businesses can make a positive difference to the world we live in. For us it is the little actions that count, and we are constantly inspired by the lyrics of Australian artists Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody - 'From small things, big things grow'. Many of us live in countries which are directly experiencing the many critical harms that face us today.

  • The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals serves as an excellent reference for our actions. Indeed, one AMREP staff members were part of the 'World We Want 2015' UN discussions - it was this forum which led to the formulation and adoption of the current Sustainable Development Goals. Our staff member authored discussion papers that were later incorporated into the UN's reports.

  • We know that change begins with our individual actions, whether they be taken in our professional or personal capacity.

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Our Actions

Public Safety, Welfare, and Well-being

Poor quality products mean a waste of valuable resources and putting the user's safety at risk. By being a sentinel on the production line and actively resolving quality problems, AMREP Supplier Management Services upholds the public interest by ensuring that bad and faulty products do not reach the end user. This is the inherent nature of our work. In the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic, we are running supplier quality assurance programmes to ensure that safe, good quality PPEs and medical devices reach their users. We at AMREP see this as our public duty.

Discrimination, Equality, and Equal Opportunity

AMREP Supplier Management Services stands firmly against societal discrimination and the marginalising of persons. Our employment practices are as such. In India especially, the person's creed and religion still can be the grounds for significant prejudice and so we have sought to transcend this in our hiring and our workplace. AMREP also promotes gender equality - many of our leadership roles are held by women.


AMREP Supplier Management Services is extremely conscious of sustainability issues since many of us live in areas that have experienced extreme climate events. We've instituted a digital work environment, discouraged the use of single-use materials (in particular disposable cups!), kept our workplaces in our employees' localities to reduce transport carbon emissions, and have developed initiatives to channel buyers towards sustainable and ethical suppliers.

Decent Work

AMREP Supplier Management Services cares about the welfare of its people and it always works with people on a fair and equitable basis. We give people meaningful work where they take ownership of what they do and know that they are making valued contributions to the company. We make people take pride in what they do and that they are AMREP. We are compassionate employers and where possible, we try to offer employment to people who are struggling to find work.

Industry Innovation

AMREP Supplier Management Services has an enduring commitment to innovation and in this new decade, we need creative innovation more than ever. In addition to re-imagining quality management paradigms for an increasingly automated and robotized manufacturing environment, we are inventing talent sourcing approaches so that people can quickly find the manufacturing professionals they need and to adapt to the ever-evolving work environment. We are also developing sustainable supplier sourcing platforms. How do we do this? By always being imaginative listening to the ideas of the youth, and infusing that with the wisdoms of the experienced.

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