These AMREP Supplier Management Services principles were established by our founder and are instilled in all AMREP personnel. You will find that many at AMREP are proud to be part of our story, and this is because they have been individually involved in building this company and defining it over the last 35 years.

The Third Party Principle is at the foundation of all that we do.

AMREP Supplier Management Service's raison' d'etre is to use its third party status to mediate the supplier-buyer relationship and to facilitate both parties so that they can achieve a positive, productive, collaborative, and long-term partnership. As our clients rely on us to add integrity to their buying and production activities, being impartial is the cardinal principle in our work. AMREP has a zero tolerance position on undue influence from any person.

Hold true to the Total Quality Management profession.

One of AMREP's defining moments was to be Dr. Joseph Juran's training partner in Singapore and South-East Asia. He came down to our offices and we delivered Juran quality training sessions. Dr. Joseph Juran was one of the most revered founders in quality management, along with W. Edward Denning, Kaoru Ishikawa and Walter A. Shewhart. With these roots in mind, as professionals we stay true to the essence of Total Quality Management and we look for people who have such dedication to the discipline.

Every person deserves opportunities to show their potential and talent.

AMREP's management has always believed that people have hidden talents and that they should always be given opportunities to try out new things so that they - and AMREP - can discover them. No matter the qualifications, age, or background of the person, we give them a go. There are many in AMREP who have found fulfilling long-term careers and have been given a sense of being by working with us.

Dedicated personalised customer service for everybody

AMREP Supplier Management Service's principle is that each client gets the highest level of dedicated professional customer service. No customer is too big or too small for us. Every client gets our individual attention

We support small businesses and startups.

AMREP started out as a 2-person venture and we have never forgotten how hard it is to run a business. We know the personal investments that it requires and the painstaking processes involved in building it piece by piece. As such, AMREP is particularly committed to supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and small/medium enterprises (SMEs).

Our people are our assets.

AMREP is what it is because of its people. Our people are our assets and our management structure is such that AMREP personnel are empowered to be creative, innovative, and adventurous in implementing their ideas. We value our colleagues' contributions and they are duly recognised with opportunities to have greater direct ownership and involvement in the business.

Be compassionate, understanding, humble, and empathetic.

While AMREP cannot solve the many crises that engulf our world today, we know that small, individual actions can go a little way in making a positive difference. Such actions have at their heart compassion and empathy with the human condition, and so, AMREP employees are asked to imbue their everyday actions with these qualities. For instance, we give employment opportunities to people who experience societal discrimination. We also try our best to employ people who are down on their luck.

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