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AMREP Supplier management services is a quality partner to the world's most innovative electronic companies. Our objective is to achieve zero-defect production and to improve supplier processes. We provide electronic quality engineering services across the global supply chain.

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World Leaders In Electronics Quality Engineering | AMREP

AMREP Supplier management services experience in the electronics industry dates back to when the first US companies started to source from Asia. Our work has ranged from inspecting components to being a quality partner for companies like Texas Instruments, Motorola, and HP. We've set up quality management systems, trained quality control teams, resolved quality problems, run supplier continuous improvement programs, and managed suppliers for our clients.

Products We Work With

We have worked with the major technological advances of the 20th and 21st centuries – personal computers, hard drives, communication devices, smartphones, virtual reality headsets, wearables, IoT devices, plasma/LCD televisions, laptops, augmented reality products, and electronic systems for vehicles.


If your product has hardware or electronics, come talk to AMREP!

Where We Are Located

We offer our electronics quality engineering services throughout the AMREP Supplier management services global network. Our core supplier quality engineering experts are located in the world's major electronics manufacturing hubs, i.e., Shenzhen (China), Taiwan, Guadalajara (Mexico), Rayong (Thailand), Hanoi (Vietnam), Singapore, and Bangalore (India).

Comprehensive Services For Electronic Quality Engineering From AMREP

Our supplier management solutions and quality engineering services are focused on achieving zero-defect production and supplier process improvements. Our activities include:

  • icon Quality Management System service for development and implementation
  • icon Quality management training
  • icon Supplier quality engineering
  • icon Supplier development
  • icon Product and subcomponent inspections
  • icon Corrective actions
  • icon Production monitoring and management
  • icon Planning and Production set up
  • icon Design for manufacturability reviews
  • icon Root cause analysis
  • icon Problem solving

Initiate Your Electronic Quality Engineering With AMREP Supplier Management Services

There is no room for errors in electronic products. Quality engineering of electronics products is an integral part of the production line. Therefore, effective quality control measures should be taken to ensure the reliability of electronic parts delivered by suppliers or manufacturers.

Effective QA and QC programs could determine the operational lifespan of your products. That is the area where QA engineers and QC inspectors from AMREP Supplier management services can help you. Our team will identify the problems or snags in the design and production line and provide quick, scalable solutions.

You may also count on AMREP Supplier management services for quality control and engineering solutions in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and solar industries.

Our Electronics Quality Engineering Specialists can get you the best product quality