Our Team

What Are We

We are supplier quality engineering experts, manufacturing professionals, quality inspectors, auditors, continuous improvement managers, process engineers, procurement engineers, production managers, and supply chain managers.We are supplier quality management professionals who know how to lead suppliers and deliver positive outcomes.We believe that quality means perfection. We are creative, adventurous thinkers and problem solvers. We use our skills to assure the customer's reputation for excellent well-made products. We are insurance and cost-savers for our clients.

Our Knowledge

We all come from engineering backgrounds and have specialised in quality management. Yes, we're good at the theory, but we're even better at applying what we know when we're in the factories and working on production lines. We're hands-on people and we hold qualifications in ISO, IPC, and other quality standards (ISO 9000, IATF 16949 , ISO 13485 etc). All of us have deep applied experience in Core Quality Tools, and some of us have Six Sigma certifications from major OEMs. We're very good with a wide range of products, the cooler ones being industrial automation, robotics, drones, VR headsets and a bit of space tech!

Who We've Worked With

We've worked with top OEMs, contract manufacturers, and suppliers around the world. Many of us have held management roles in these companies.

What We're Passionate About

It goes without saying that we love supplier quality management and engineering. We love ideas and technology too, which is why you'll always find us robustly discussing what's going on in the wider world and coming up with new ideas. One topic that is keeping us pretty busy right now is how we can revolutionise supplier quality management for an Industry 4.0 world. We call it 'Quality 4.0' and we seek to build upon the principles that had been established by the founders of quality management - Dr. Joseph Juran, W.Edwards Dennings, Malcolm Baldrige, and more.

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